Those were the days of…


Blue cotton jumpers

Naked-below-the-waist divinity

5a.m. cheesecake

Endless cups of tea

Tears and laughter

Badger rucksacks

Tattered daffodils

Stones and seashells

Hedgehog ice cream

Bumblebee no.7

Rubenstein (and/or Vimtenstein)

Dreadlocks in nipple piercings

Naked tea butlers

‘Cheers’ing grapes

10-hour phonecalls

Camellia Japonica

Silent phone kisses

Hair and so much of it!

Sweets on the thigh

Duvet warfare

Sleepless nights

First meetings

Warrior marks

Near misses

Woollen hats

Cards and letters

The state of the world

Luminescent eyes

Spontaneous innocence

Nibbled-on beards and snuffled-at ears

Love hearts and jelly beans

Canal boat epiphanies

Happily-tangled limbs

Underwear snack breaks

Mothers and Fathers

Uphill climbs

Tenacity and trepidation





“So much love”




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