Go Towards the Grace in Your Heart

Follow your true feet, the pitter-patter

Of the soul incandescent bright

Tracking its true home. Grace.

Go towards the grace in your heart


Rediscovering You

My heart is of the deepest fuchsia

It carries you – abundant, full

Homing like a pigeon

Upon that which is a ray of light –

God-soul, God-thought, always


You are the warmth in all corners

The staircase and twisted peak,

And you climb downwards towards

The earth’s green lap which is also you

Encircling my heart, which holds you



If you came to me

Would I know you then?

Are we changed

By all our losses?

Or does the heart cry out

Inaudible to its other?


If you were here with me

Would I see you still?

Do we have other ways

Of seeing, finding, knowing?

Or does the invisible wrap us

Into plans cemented but vague?

Vague but true?

Vague but vague.

Are we right, or wrong, in all our doings?





Freedom ~ Suffering

I went away to be radically alone

And found the free burden of the total weight of existing.

Those apron strings of institution

Had me bound pretty tight.

I think that now I know what it means to be free:

It means to be purposeless upon the steps of being,

Unchained entirely save for the trickling of life

tick- tick- ticking in the ears.

So – flabbily, unfixated, I lunged at shape,

Poured libido amongst the gutters of cognition

finding nothing but excrement.

All is impaired by the absence of suffering

And impaired too by that wish for its absence.



Light or You

There was always a tone, an atmosphere,

Always a mist, like somebody had died

Or something had been lost,

Though we could not remember what.

But still, we were haunted by your darkness, the tension

Eating all I tried to create, like dry rot through old wood.

But where were the flowers, the shoots, the breeze?

You blocked them out. Turned your head.

Refused to be let in.

Again my world was cleft –

You or life. Light or you.

Earth Grace

I needed this quiet, to remember myself

To let the soul expand and occupy its fullness

To bed down in the soft cool pleats of solitude

And roll, singly, in luxurious infinitude.

I needed this time, to regather what I thought lost

To sing myself, in silence, back to soul music

To nurture the far reaches of my spirit branches

And rest, unencumbered, in the arms of earth grace


I see everything, see it all

Harsh and bright and unfathomable,

I am within it and it haunts me

Like infatuation, obsession,

Love. I cannot forget to look,

Cannot pass by myself like

Vague, unimportant things

In a shop window,

I am betrothed to this, here,

This moment, longing, loss,

Ever passing into the wastes of time,

This movement, dance,

Creation of spheres, of knowings,

Hurt, pain, grief,

Beauty and truth,

Eternal vistas of the cosmic jungle,

Eternal glimpses of God.